Lollo Fält

Her Singing has always been a passion and she also started writing songs and dancing at the age of 13 as an outlet of teenagedepressions through childhood and teenage trauma and a very early spiritual awakening. Both traits of passion for outwardly expressing herself through music/songwriting and performing as an artist singer dancer in a colourful way but also the more introspective side as an empath and highly intuitive sensing the collective influenced by the wisdom and conciousness forming in personal development since early days, shines through in her songs.

She’s writing through processes of healing while finding her authentic self and the core of her inner voice. The crossover between pop country roots rythm&blues and reggae mixing organic instrumentation with more modern sounds thereby becomes a big part of her wide variation as an artist. She has tried out many sounds and considers herself to be genrefree as an ”Artist outside the box.” She’s been influenced by everything from the Great Divas of Rock Soul and R&B the big sounds of the 80ies and Westcoast to finding a real love for modern roots and countryartists. She has been working proffessionally alongside and as a backup, singing and dancing with many of Swedens’ biggest artists in various constellations from nationwide TV -performances big rockshows musicals tours on both big and intimate stages around Sweden based in Stockholm for a big part of her life.

The latter part of her career there has mostly been focus on her own songs her sound and telling her true authentic story, building herself a name as an artist/singer/songwriter coming home to the Southern part of Sweden where she’s originally from.

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