Meet “Miss Winter”, who combines their common Swedish music heritage with a vivid passion for country music and vocal harmonies. 

Their music is a sweet mix of pop and country with a tasty Scandinavian touch.

Anna, Linda and Jenny have been working as professional musicians and singers separately for more than two decades, but four years ago they finally found each other and started creating their own brand of Modern Country music!

The first song Miss Winter released was ”The Road”. A straightforward country song which quickly found its way to national public radio.

2018 was a busy year. Performance at CMM in Berlin, releasing 6 singles, performing at Buckle and Boots in Manchester and a summer tour in Sweden.  

2019 Miss Winter has had the honor to perform at more than fifteen Country music festivals and venues in Sweden. 

-“It felt lovely to take care of our fans at home in Sweden!”  Anna says.

They also had the honor to perform as opening act to Doug Seegers, Kikki Danielsson and Christina Lindberg.

2020, new release of Pistol Annies song “Hush Hush” and “I’m losing somehow”, a lovely Miss Winter song about love and fighting for the one your heart has chosen... whether it's right or wrong.


The group is currently working in the studio and filling up their calendar with tour dates. The summer tour will go from Daubitz in the south to Skråmtäsk in the north...

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Upcoming tour