Salma Fredriksson



Salma is the definition of fearless she loves to challenge herself in different roles.

I am that positive, empathetic but a little bit shy actress. I see all my jobs as another opportunity to learn something new and I like to improvise.  One of many roles I would like to play is the school’s ’popular’ student who is struggling with her inner demons.

My strengths are that I easily take my character's perspective and I always give 100% in everything I do. For me, the best thing about acting is to be on set and that it gives me the opportunity to do things that I otherwise would never get to do. If you think I fit in with what you're looking for, feel free to call my agent.

/ Salma Fredriksson

Name:               Salma Fredriksson

Acting range:  12 - 16 years

Height:              167 cm

Hair:                   Dark brown

Eyes:                  Brown

Clothing Size:  EU XS / S

Shoes Size:       EU 38,5

Language:                 Swedish, English 

Swedish accents:    Rikssvenska, Västmanländska
English accents:      American

Driving license:        No

Special skills:            Dancing, Slalom

Commercial & Shorts - Selected

Rädda Barnen                            Supportive        2021 

Kinto Share                                 Supportive        2020

Sveriges Bästa Svensk             Supportive        2019

Education - Selected

                            Cinemantrix - improvisational acting 2021

                            Local theater - Drama / Theater / improvisation 2021